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  1. 2022-12-18Robotics Through Science Fiction Murphy, Robin R
  2. 2022-12-18Moral Psychology Sinnott-Armstrong, Walter & Miller, Christian B
  3. 2022-12-18Measuring the Tax Burden on Capital and Labor Sorensen, Peter Birch
  4. 2022-12-18Makin' Numbers Howard Aiken and the Coregory W & Campbell, Robert V & Campbell, Robert V D
  5. 2022-12-18Language and Equilibrium Parikh, Prashant
  6. 2022-12-18Keynes Useful Economics for the World Economy Temin, Peter & Vines, David
  7. 2022-12-18Is the Universe a Hologram , A Plasencia, Adolfo
  8. 2022-12-18Industrial Organization and the Digital Economy Gerhard Illing, Martin Peitz
  9. 2022-12-18Ian Mueller Mathematics, Philosophy of & Elements, Deductive Structure in Euclid's
  10. 2022-12-18How Images Think Burnett, Ron
  11. 2022-12-18Helge Berger, Thomas Moutos Enlargement, Managing European Union
  12. 2022-12-18Health Economics Sloan, Frank A & Hsieh, Chee-Ruey
  13. 2022-12-18Global Catastrophes and Trends The Next Fifty Years Smil, Vaclav
  14. 2022-12-18Fairness in Adaptation to Climate Chang W Neil & Paavola, Jouni & Huq, Saleemul & Mace, M J
  15. 2022-12-18Evolution of Communicative Flexibility al Communication Oller, D Kimbrough & Griebel, Ulrike
  16. 2022-12-18Encyclopedia of World War II in the Pacific
  17. 2022-12-18Encyclopedia of U S and Colonial Proof Coins 1722-1977
  18. 2022-12-18Encyclopedia of Swearing
  19. 2022-12-18Dynamical Systems in Neuroscience Theetry of Excitability and Bursting Izhikevich, Eugene M
  20. 2022-12-18Division III of Heidegger's Being and Time Braver, Lee
  21. 2022-12-18Distributed Ledgers Design and Regulat Infrastructure and Payment Systems Townsend, Robert M
  22. 2022-12-18Discovering the Human Connectome Sporns, Olaf
  23. 2022-12-18Digital Culture, Play, and Identity A aft Reader Corneliussen, Hilde & Rettberg, Jill Walker
  24. 2022-12-18Development and Evolution Complexity and Change in Biology Salthe, Stanley N
  25. 2022-12-18Decision Making Under Uncertainty Theory and Application Kochenderfer, Mykel J Jul
  26. 2022-12-18Critical Issues in Taxation and Development Fuest, edited by Clemens & Zodrow, George R
  27. 2022-12-18Conflict in Ukraine The Unwinding of the Post--Cold War Order Menon, Rajan & Rumer, Eugene B
  28. 2022-12-18Concepts, Syntax, and Their Interface Concepts, Syntax & System, Their Interface The Theta
  29. 2022-12-18Composing Questions Kotek, Hadas
  30. 2022-12-18Communicative Action and Rational Choice (s in Contemporary German Social Thought) Heath, Joseph
  31. 2022-12-18Chinese Typewriter A History, The Mullaney, Thomas S
  32. 2022-12-18Cecilia Heyes, Ludwig Huber Cognition, The Evolution of
  33. 2022-12-18Can We Afford to Grow Older A PerspecEconomics of Aging Disney, Richard & Disney, Richard F
  34. 2022-12-18Breakthrough Communities Sustainabilitstice in the Next American Metropolis Pavel, M Paloma
  35. 2022-12-18Women in Mathematics Osen, Lynn M
  36. 2022-12-18William H Calvin Mind, The Cerebral Code Thinking a Thought in the Mosaics of the
  37. 2022-12-18What We Know About Emotional Intelligenng, Work, Relationships, and Our Mental Health Zeidner
  38. 2022-12-18Weaving a Lexicon Hall, D Geoffrey ; Waxman, Sandra R
  39. 2022-12-18Water Resource Economics The Analysis of Scarcity, Policies, and Projects Griffin, Ronald C
  40. 2022-12-18War and Reconciliation Reason and Emotionn Conflict Resolution Long, William J & Brecke, Peter
  41. 2022-12-18Walled States, Waning Sovereignty Brown, Wendy
  42. 2022-12-18The Future Montfort, Nick
  43. 2022-12-18Terror of Evidence, The Steinweg, Marcus
  44. 2022-12-18Subjectivity and Selfhood Investigatin, Director Of The Center For Subjectivity Research Dan
  45. 2022-12-18Rhythm Science Miller, Paul D & Kid, Dj Spooky That Subliminal
  46. 2022-12-18Probability Models for Economic Decisions Decisions, Probability Models for Economic
  47. 2022-12-18Nature of Truth Classic and Contemporary Perspectives, The Lynch, Michael P
  48. 2022-12-18Mental Time Travel Episodic Memory anur Knowledge of the Personal Past Michaelian, Kourken
  49. 2022-12-18Mark of the Mental In Defense of Informational Teleosemantics, A Neander, Karen
  50. 2022-12-18Manfredo Tafuri Sphere, The & Avant-Gardese Labyrinth & 1970s, Architecture from Piranesi to the
  51. 2022-12-18Macroeconomic Essentials Understanding Economics in the News, 3E Kennedy, Peter E
  52. 2022-12-18Jesuit Science and the Republic of Letters Feingold, Mordechai
  53. 2022-12-18Jerry A Fodor, Zenon W Pylyshyn Concepts, Minds without Meanings An Essay on the Content of
  54. 2022-12-18Inversion Factor How to Thrive in the , The Bernardi, Linda & Sarma, Sanjay & Traub, Kenneth
  55. 2022-12-18Introduction to Computation and Programming Using Python, Third Edition Guttag, John
  56. 2022-12-18Interface Strategies Optimal and Costly Computations Reinhart, Tanya
  57. 2022-12-18Innovator's Way Essential Practices for Successful Innovation Denning, Peter J (Author)
  58. 2022-12-18How Not to Network a Nation The Uneasy Soviet Internet (Information Policy) Peters, Benjamin
  59. 2022-12-18Green State Rethinking Democracy and Sovereignty, The Eckersley, Robyn
  60. 2022-12-18Game Theory in the Social Sciences Concepts and Solutions Shubik, Martin
  61. 2022-12-18Fundamental Proof Methods in Computer Science Arkoudas, Konstantine & Musser, David
  62. 2022-12-18Experience Machine, The Sutton, Gloria
  63. 2022-12-18Evolution in Four Dimensions, revised edition Jablonka, Eva & Lamb, Marion J
  64. 2022-12-18Eric B Baum Thought, What Is
  65. 2022-12-18Dolphin Communication and Cognition Herg, Denise L (Editor) & Johnson, Christine M (Editor)
  66. 2022-12-18Digital Dead End Fighting for Social stice in the Information Age Eubanks, Virginia(Author)
  67. 2022-12-18Derek Bickerton, EAPrs SzathmA!ry foundations, Biological & syntax, origin of
  68. 2022-12-18Contending Economic Theories Neoclassian, and Marxian Wolff, Richard D & Resnick, Stephen A
  69. 2022-12-18Consciousness, Attention, and Consciousntion Montemayor, Carlos & Haladijan, Harry Haroutioun
  70. 2022-12-18Connected Gaming Kafai, Yasmin B & Burke, Quinn
  71. 2022-12-18Communism for Kids (MIT Press) Adamczak, Bini & Blumenfeld, Jacob & Lewis, Sophie
  72. 2022-12-18Classical NEG Raising An Essay on the Syntax of Negation Chris Collins, Paul M Postal
  73. 2022-12-18Causation, prediction, and search Spirtes, Peter & Glymour, Clark & Scheines, Richard
  74. 2022-12-18Being Nuclear Africans and the Global Uranium Trade Hecht, Gabrielle
  75. 2022-12-18Bad Call Harry Collins, Robert Evans & Higgins, Christopher
  76. 2022-12-18Living in a Material World Economic Soies (Inside Technology) Trevor Pinch, Richard Swedberg
  77. 2022-12-18Language in Our Brain Friederici, Angela
  78. 2022-12-18Joint Attention New Developments in Pslosophy of Mind, and Social Neuroscience Seemann, Axel
  79. 2022-12-18Human Information Interaction An Ecological Approach to Information Behavior Fidel, Raya
  80. 2022-12-18How Games Move Us Emotion by Design (Playful Thinking) Isbister, Katherine
  81. 2022-12-18Heteromation, and Other Stories of Computing and Capitalism Ekbia, Hamid R & Nardi, Bonnie
  82. 2022-12-18Heidegger, Coping, and Cognitive Science Wrathall, Mark A & Malpas, Jeff
  83. 2022-12-18Hannah B Higgins Book, The Grid
  84. 2022-12-18Groundless Grounds A Study of Wittgenstein and Heidegger Braver, Lee
  85. 2022-12-18Great Recession, The Braude, Jacob; Eckstein, Zvi; Fischer, Stanley
  86. 2022-12-18Good Drone How Social Movements Democratize Surveillance, The Choi-Fitzpatrick, Austin
  87. 2022-12-18Global Environmental Assessments Inforell, William C Clark, David W Cash, Nancy M Dickson
  88. 2022-12-18Gillian Catriona Ramchand Ramchand, Gillian Catriona
  89. 2022-12-18Generating Language-Based Environments Reps, Thomas W
  90. 2022-12-18Frontiers in Health Policy Research Cutler, David M & Garber, Alan M
  91. 2022-12-18Financial Modeling Benninga, Simon & Begement Simon & Benninga, Simon Z & Czaczkes, Benjamin
  92. 2022-12-18Evolving Animal Orchestra, The Honing, Henkjan
  93. 2022-12-18Essentials of Programming Languages Friedman, Daniel P
  94. 2022-12-18Engineers for Change Competing Visions of Technology in 1960s America Wisnioski, Matthew
  95. 2022-12-18Drawing Physics Lemons, Don S
  96. 2022-12-18Disjunctivism Contemporary Readings Byrne, Alex; Logue, Heather
  97. 2022-12-18Digital Phoenix Why the Information Econ Collapsed and How It Will Rise Again Abramson, Bruce
  98. 2022-12-18Democratizing Our Data A Manifesto Lane, Julia
  99. 2022-12-18Deliberate Ignorance Choosing Not to w Hertwig, Ralph (Editor) & Engel, Christoph (Editor)
  100. 2022-12-18Decoys and Disruptions Rosler, Martha
  101. 2022-12-18David J Depew, Bruce H Weber Dynamics, DEvolving Systems & Selection, the Genealogy of Natural


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