Data Warehouse - ETL Testing

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ETL Testing
Published 2/2023
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Free Download Data Warehouse / Etl Testing
What you'll learn
Master the Command Line and Dozens of Commands
Become an Independent User of the Linux Operating System
Creating, renaming, moving, and deleting files and directories
Understand the basic and Intermediate concepts of databases and MySQL
Learn how to create database tables using SQL commands
Learn SQL operators to write complex SQL queries
Learn about different SQL functions and constraints including NULL values
Foundational Data warehousing concepts
Learning all the concepts and terminologies related to the Data warehouse , such as the OLTP, OLAP, Dimensions, Facts, Star Schema, Snowflake Schema
Data Warehouse Architecture, Data Mart, Data Warehouse Schema and SCDs
You would also learn the basics of Data Modelling Data design
Gain an in-depth understanding of Data Warehouse WorkFlow and comparison between Database Testing and Data Warehouse Testing
Get to know what is ETL Testing and RDBMS Concepts
Understand different ETL Testing scenarios like Constraint Testing, Source to Target Testing, Metadata check,Data Mismatch Check,Data Completeness Validation
Passion and curiosity to learn something new technology
No technical knowledge required
A computer with internet connection
Data Warehouse / ETL Testing is a testing method in which the data inside a data warehouse is tested for integrity, reliability, accuracy and consistency in order to comply with the company's data framework. The main purpose of testing is to ensure that the integrated data inside the data warehouse is reliable enough for a company to make decisions on.The Data Warehouse/ETL testing course videos contain Data warehouse Testing, ETL Testing Scenarios, Data checks and many more complex topics explained in a detailed manner which will be helpful to compete with other Organizations. Usually ETL Testing verifies whether the ETL process is working properly.ETL Testing is a crucial part of ETL because ETL is typically performed on mission critical data.23+ hours of on demand videosClarifications through communityRight blend of concepts and hands-onIn this course, you will:The difference between Data and InformationWhy do we need Data?Learn the ins and outs of SQL syntaxWhat is RDBMS and its History?Database Objects and Database DesignLearning about the Keys and ConstraintsExplaining the Normalization and its typesUnderstanding the Transactions and its typesHow to write SQL queries to Manipulate dataHow to write SQL queries to insert, update and delete data into databaseAnalyze data using Aggregate FunctionsTestingLife Cycle of STLCTypes of TestingWhat is ETL?Data ChecksWhat is Validation?Validation ChecksTypes of Checks
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 History of Computer
Lecture 3 Components of Computer
Lecture 4 Functionalities of Computer
Lecture 5 Software Components
Section 2: Operating System
Lecture 6 What is Operating System
Lecture 7 Types of Operating System
Section 3: Linux and its Conmmand
Lecture 8 File Commands
Lecture 9 Listing Files
Lecture 10 Copy and Move Commands
Lecture 11 More Command
Lecture 12 Cat Command
Lecture 13 Regular Expression with GREP
Lecture 14 GREP Hands-On
Lecture 15 Diff Command Theory and Hands-On
Lecture 16 Cmp Command Theory and Hands-On
Lecture 17 Pipes Line Command Theory and Hands-On
Lecture 18 Man Command Theory and Hands-On
Lecture 19 Process Monitoring Command Theory
Lecture 20 Process Monitoring Hands-On
Lecture 21 File Permission Part 1
Lecture 22 File Permission Part 2
Lecture 23 Networking Command Theory and Hands-On
Lecture 24 Admin Command Theory and Hands-On
Lecture 25 Compression Command Theory and Hands-On
Section 4: RDBMS
Lecture 26 Data vs Information
Lecture 27 Why do we need Data?
Lecture 28 Different ways of storing the Data
Lecture 29 Systems to store Data
Lecture 30 History of RDBMS
Lecture 31 What is RDBMS?
Lecture 32 What is Database?
Lecture 33 Database Components
Lecture 34 Database Components Hands-On
Lecture 35 Datatypes Theory
Lecture 36 Datatypes Hands-On
Lecture 37 Database Objects Introduction
Lecture 38 Database Object - Index
Lecture 39 Database Object - Sequence
Lecture 40 Database Object - View
Lecture 41 Database Object - View Hands-On
Lecture 42 Database Design
Lecture 43 ER Diagram Part 1
Lecture 44 ER Diagram Part 2
Lecture 45 ER Diagram Part 3
Lecture 46 Keys Introduction
Lecture 47 Super Key
Lecture 48 Candidate Key
Lecture 49 Primary Key
Lecture 50 Unique Key - Surrogate Key - Alternate Key - Composite Key
Lecture 51 Foreign Key
Lecture 52 Data Integrity Introduction
Lecture 53 Domain Integrity Check Constraint Theory
Lecture 54 Check Constraint Hands-On
Lecture 55 Default Constraint
Lecture 56 Not Null Constraint
Lecture 57 Unique Constraint
Lecture 58 Entity Integrity Constraint
Lecture 59 Entity Integrity Constraint Hands-On
Lecture 60 Referential Integrity
Lecture 61 Referential Integrity Hands-On
Lecture 62 Normalization Introduction
Lecture 63 Need for Normalization with Example
Lecture 64 Dependencies
Lecture 65 Second Normal Form
Lecture 66 Third Normal Form
Lecture 67 BCNF Normal Form
Lecture 68 What is Transactions?
Lecture 69 Transactions - ACID Properties
Lecture 70 What is Atomicity?
Lecture 71 What is Consistency?
Lecture 72 What is Isolation?
Lecture 73 What is Durability?
Section 5: Structured Query Language
Lecture 74 Introduction to SQL
Lecture 75 Types of SQL Commands
Lecture 76 DDL Commands - Create & Alter
Lecture 77 DDL Commands - Rename
Lecture 78 DDL Commands - Drop & Truncate
Lecture 79 DDL Commands - Comment
Lecture 80 DML Commands
Lecture 81 DML Commands Hands-On
Lecture 82 Ways of Inserting Data
Lecture 83 Ways of Inserting Data - Hands-On
Lecture 84 DCL Commands
Lecture 85 DCL Commands - Hands-On
Lecture 86 TCL Commands
Lecture 87 TCL Commands - Hands-On
Lecture 88 DQL Commands
Lecture 89 DQL Commands Hands-On
Lecture 90 SQL Statements
Lecture 91 Alias Theory and Hands-On
Lecture 92 Distinct Theory and Hands-On
Lecture 93 What are Operators?
Lecture 94 Arithmetic Operator Theory
Lecture 95 Arithmetic Operator Hands-On
Lecture 96 Comparison Operators
Lecture 97 Logical Operator - And & Between
Lecture 98 Logical Operator - In & Not In
Lecture 99 Logical Operator - Like & OR
Lecture 100 Logical Operator - Exists & Not Exists
Lecture 101 Aggregate Functions Theory
Lecture 102 Aggregate Functions Hands-On
Lecture 103 SQL Clauses
Lecture 104 Where Clause Theory
Lecture 105 Where Clause Hands-On
Lecture 106 Order By Clause Introduction
Lecture 107 Order By - Ascending Order
Lecture 108 Order By - Descending Order
Lecture 109 Order By - Ascending and Descending Order
Lecture 110 Order By - Ascending with Null Values
Lecture 111 Order By - Descending with Null Values
Lecture 112 Group By Clause
Lecture 113 Group By Clause - Hands-On
Lecture 114 Group By Clause Hands-On
Lecture 115 Having Clause
Lecture 116 Having Clause Hands-On
Lecture 117 What is Null ?
Lecture 118 Inserting Null values Theory
Lecture 119 Inserting Null values Hands-on
Lecture 120 Null vs Empty Space-Theory
Lecture 121 Null vs Empty Space-Hands on
Lecture 122 How to find Null Values Theory
Lecture 123 How to find Null Values Hands-on
Lecture 124 Null Values in Arithmetic Expressions - Theory
Lecture 125 Null Values in Arithmetic Expressions Hands-On
Lecture 126 Sub Query Theory
Lecture 127 Sub Query Hands-On
Lecture 128 Sub Query Types Theory Part 1
Lecture 129 Sub Query Types Theory Part 2
Lecture 130 Sub Query Types Hands-On Part 1
Lecture 131 Sub Query Types Hands-On Part 2
Lecture 132 What are Joins ?
Lecture 133 How Joins work ?
Lecture 134 Inner Joins Theory
Lecture 135 Inner Joins Hands-On
Lecture 136 Outer Joins Theory
Lecture 137 Outer Joins Hands-On
Lecture 138 Self Joins Theory
Lecture 139 Self Joins Hand-On
Lecture 140 Cross Joins Theory
Lecture 141 Cross Joins Hands-On
Lecture 142 Set Operators Intro
Lecture 143 Set Operators Union Theory
Lecture 144 Set Operators Union Hands-On
Lecture 145 Set Operators Union All Theory
Lecture 146 Set Operators Union All Hands-On
Lecture 147 Intersect Theory and Hands-on
Lecture 148 Minus Set Operator Theory
Lecture 149 Minus Set Operator Hands-on
Lecture 150 String Function Introduction
Lecture 151 String Functions Case Manipulation Theory
Lecture 152 Adding and Removing Spaces Part 1
Lecture 153 Adding and Removing Spaces Part 2
Lecture 154 Adding and Removing Spaces Part 3
Lecture 155 Adding and Removing Spaces Hands-On
Lecture 156 Substring Theory Part 1
Lecture 157 Substring Theory Part 2
Lecture 158 Substring Hands-On
Lecture 159 Substring - Index Theory
Lecture 160 Substring - Index Hands-On
Lecture 161 Instring and Locate Theory
Lecture 162 Instring and Locate Hands-On
Section 6: Data Warehouse
Lecture 163 Transactional vs Analytical Processing
Lecture 164 What is Data Warehouse?
Lecture 165 History of Data Warehouse
Lecture 166 OLTP & OLAP
Lecture 167 Introduction to ETL
Lecture 168 Extraction in ETL
Lecture 169 Transformation Introduction
Lecture 170 Types of Transformation
Lecture 171 Load Data
Lecture 172 Data Warehouse Architectures Introduction
Lecture 173 Data Warehouse Architectures based on layers
Lecture 174 Data Warehouse Architectures based on Tiers
Lecture 175 What is Data Mart
Lecture 176 Storing Data in Data Warehouse
Lecture 177 Dimension Tables and Fact Tables
Lecture 178 Dimension and Fact table with Example
Lecture 179 Introduction to DWH Schema
Lecture 180 Star Schema
Lecture 181 Snowflake Schema
Lecture 182 Fact Constellation Schema
Lecture 183 SCD Introduction
Lecture 184 SCD0 and SCD1
Lecture 185 SCD type 2
Lecture 186 SCD type 3
Lecture 187 SCD type 4
Lecture 188 SCD type 6
Lecture 189 ETL Tools
Lecture 190 Scheduling the Tools
Lecture 191 Reporting Tools
Section 7: Testing
Lecture 192 Quality
Lecture 193 Good Software Characteristics
Lecture 194 What is Software Testing
Lecture 195 Role of Software Testing
Lecture 196 Introduction to SDLC
Lecture 197 SDLC Phases
Lecture 198 STLC
Lecture 199 STLC Phases
Lecture 200 Expectations from Software
Lecture 201 Categories of the Requirements
Lecture 202 Non Functional Testing
Lecture 203 Test Case
Lecture 204 Introduction to Test case Design Techniques
Lecture 205 High Level Test Case Design Technique
Lecture 206 Lower Level Test Case Design Technique Part 1
Lecture 207 Lower Level Test Case Design Technique Part 2
Lecture 208 Software Testing Phases
Lecture 209 Unit Testing
Lecture 210 Functional Testing
Lecture 211 Integration Testing
Lecture 212 System Testing
Lecture 213 User Acceptance Testing
Lecture 214 Regression Testing
Lecture 215 What is Defect?
Lecture 216 Defect Life Cycle
Lecture 217 Defect Parameters
Section 8: ETL Testing
Lecture 218 What is Datawarehouse ?
Lecture 219 ETL
Lecture 220 What is ETL Testing ?
Lecture 221 Business Requirements Development in ETL Mapping
Lecture 222 ETL testing with example
Lecture 223 DataWarehouse Testing Life Cycle
Lecture 224 Major Testing Phases
Lecture 225 Metadata check
Lecture 226 Meta Data Validation Hands-on
Lecture 227 Data Mismatch Check
Lecture 228 Data Completeness Validation with Record Count
Lecture 229 RecordCountCheckHandson
Lecture 230 Data Completeness Validation with Column Data Profiling
Lecture 231 Column data Profiling Validation Hands-on
Lecture 232 Data Completeness Validation with Data Duplicate Check
Lecture 233 Duplicate Validation Hands-on
Lecture 234 Data Accuracy
Lecture 235 Data Accuracy Check Hands-on1
Lecture 236 Data Consistency
Lecture 237 Data Consistency Hands-on
Lecture 238 Data Transformations Validation
Lecture 239 Data Transformations Validation - Example
Lecture 240 Data transformation validation Hands-on
Lecture 241 ETL Testing Data Validation Scenarios
Lecture 242 Data Validation Approach for Scenario1
Lecture 243 Data Validation Approach for Scenario2
Lecture 244 Data Validation Approach for Scenario3
Lecture 245 Data Validation Approach for Scenario 4 and 5
Beginners who want to learn the complete concepts of ETL from very Beginning,Database developers and database administrators.,Students who wish to learn a new skill to develop their career.,Professionals who wish to learn a new skill to develop their career.

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