Dan Kennedy Gkic Info Summit 2016 (reduced)

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Dan Kennedy - GKIC - Info Summit 2016 (REDUCED)
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Includes sessions with top 17 experts including Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Rich Schefren, Clayton Makepeace, Lisa Sasevich and many more.
Most aren't willing to step off the edge of their little entrepreneurial world. Which is why most never capture lighting in a bottle.

Most never get to experience the weak-kneed tingle brought on by a breakthrough that increases response rates by 22% (with that little headline twist you crafted). Or how combining two seemingly unrelated services into one offering doubles profit margin (and you had them both all along). Or the sheer joy of watching your new bonus offer (the one you created in a frenzy of frantic notes at 3 a.m.) sell more subscriptions in a month than ever before. Yes, that's how a breakthrough can feel. But, why don't most experience it?

Because breakthroughs don't happen in a vacuum.

They aren't found on a dusty bookshelf of your home office.

Or at four minutes, thirty-two seconds into your favorite podcast.

Breakthroughs (the kind that overfill wheelbarrows with cash) happen when you connect at the edge.

It's there you bring your one-of-a-kind uniqueness and connect with something (or someone) new, unexpected, disruptive.

And once that happens, you won't look back.

Which is why the GKIC Info-SUMMIT is your ticket to the edge.

Your Ticket to the Edge

This year, the GKIC Info-SUMMIT 2016 will be all about making connections at the edge. It's three packed days of sheer opportunity - the opportunity to connect.

With your customers / subscribers / prospects using strategies, techniques and language that can differentiate you in ways you never thought possible.
With your peers - informally sharing insight, experience, and ideas you won't find in any book or seminar but can be the match-to-gas you weren't expecting.
With synergy. partnership possibilities are around every corner, on every couch, in every hallway at Info-SUMMIT.

Do the math.. 1+1 = $

You'll come to stop wondering and start asking. You'll come because yesterday's hot idea is today's crowded middle. You'll come because who you meet can be worth more than what you learn (and you're going to learn a ton).
Only 1 letter separates "Tell Me What You Know" from "Sell Me What You Know." Yet they're worlds apart.

A single letter can change everything. So can driving the perfect prospect to your landing page. Or an unexpected Joint Venture handshake. Or the blueprint to make a lot of money from what you already know. Attending Info-Summit 2016 will change everything too.

Hey Friend,

You know that addictive feeling every true entrepreneur craves. the mishmash of anxiety, fear, excitement, and anticipation churning in your gut like some witches' brew. Welling up from deep inside, it's the feeling of true discovery, of calculated risk, new insights, savvy refinements and startling reinvention.

And it hides in the dimly lit edges of your world.

In a place where breakthroughs are born and true success has a chance to flourish. In a place called the GKIC Info-SUMMIT 2016. And it will be here that Dan Kennedy shares three hyper growth strategies most will forget, but you mutate into magic. It's here you discover inspiration not from the stage, but from the story sitting right next to you. It's here the roadmap to converting your life experience into a monthly revenue stream is handed to you under one condition - drive hard and fast.

But don't worry, it's a place you don't have to go. You can choose to keep your slippers on, sip warm milk, and probably be OK (just stop reading here). Or, if OK isn't good enough, we can invite you to step off the edge.
Probing the Edges is the Only Real Option

You know, things ain't gettin' easier when it comes to connecting with your market. Sure, we all want the magic that gets us noticed like a redhead in a sea of blonds. We crave a potion that can keep subscribers mesmerized like teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert. And we'd love to sell our stuff on demand, a true Pavlov with a bell.

But so do 38,967 of your closest competitors.

Entrepreneurs of every shape and size are starting to see the darkness at the edge for what it really is - opportunity. Getting out of the crowded middle, where most businesses (on-line and off) fight for every scrap of the market's fleeting attention isn't a matter of elbow room, it's survival. Not convinced? Consider the following.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, both B2B and B2C marketers are throwing more budget dollars into content marketing - a whopping 14% for B2B marketers in 2016 alone! And 76% of those B2B marketers plan on producing more and more content.


Because inbound marketing (where good content brings 'em in) delivers a staggering 54% more leads than traditional outbound marketing tactics (HUBSPOT State of Inbound Report). And it's those leads that are driving up page views, subscribers, memberships, and sales for savvy entrepreneurs (yeah, like you).

This leads to one simple conclusion - a lot more folks, using a lot more marketing dollars, will be gunning for your prospects, clients, subscribers, leads and sales. It's happening now. Question is, what do you do about it?

Probe the edges. You'll like what you find. Your competitors won't.

Info-SUMMIT is how - and where - you do it.
But Maybe This Isn't For You

Like every Info-SUMMIT, there is going to be an overload of actionable ideas, strategies, and opportunities. More than you could possibly handle. But, if you're the type that just collects binders on a shelf and really doesn't implement, perhaps you should just save your money. Cheaper to buy a book and stay home. Hate for that to happen, but you know best.
If you've never been to Info-SUMMIT (or any event), and are the type that just won't ask for help or hates to be around other super positive people, sure, we get it. For someone new, the Info-SUMMITsm can be an eye opening experience (yes, opening your eyes is a must). Maybe Google has the answer. From 2007.
If you've been to events before and have the "been there, done that" mindset or think "there's nothin' new under the sun", maybe the edge is not where you should be. No sense getting smarter when you're already there. Better to just use the money at Starbucks.

If you're still reading and have decided "hey, this MIGHT be for me", then we need to do something a little unusual at this point in our conversation. To be able to absolutely convince you not to miss this event and to show you how you're going to get pushed off the edge, we need to take your future, smart self to the event and see what it would really be like. So here we go.
You've Just Time Traveled to Nov 2nd 2016 (and your hair is still perfect)

As you make your way down the wide hallway of the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa toward the event concourse, you can feel an almost tangible vibe in air. The intensity grows with every step, and you feel the jet lag starting to slip into excitement. You push open the doors labeled HALL 103 and step inside. The energy in the room sparkles in the lights, dances in the chatter of anticipation. With barely a minute to spare, the crowd erupts.

It's go-time at the Info-SUMMIT and every butt is on the edge of its seat (including yours).

The lights drop. The mic jumps to life. And out strolls Dan Kennedy. Sure, you've seen Dan before (after 40+ years on the stage, most real entrepreneurs have). And you haven't seen Dan before. You realize why.

Dan Kennedy

No one, dead or alive, has written more copy, selling a wider variety of stuff than Dan. His copy and sales strategies have launched countless multi-million-dollar info-marketing companies. He's also the author of so many amazing business books, no one is counting anymore. So, when Dan walks out, there's an unmistakable aura about him (and some have even reported seeing a faint blue light emanating from his head).

Dan Kennedy jumps right in, wasting no time with fluff and filler.

He starts with the State of Info-Marketing - and with a fly-on-the-wall perspective, Dan brings you into the back offices and secret board rooms where some of the hottest, most successful info-marketers plot their savvy strategies.

You're hearing what these elite marketers are up to right now to assure they maintain their beachfront lifestyle. Your pages of notes include.

Fertile and relatively unused (at least in recent history) marketing media that isn't costly yet can produce dazzling results (two of them get highlighted in your snazzy orange color).
How the elites are further pushing the envelope of differentiation in ways you hadn't even considered, but can easily "borrow" and incorporate in your venture (one you think can be scary yet exciting and potentially very lucrative - welcome to the edge)
Surprising sources of prospective customers the big guys are harvesting like fishing trawlers - and you quickly see two big holes in their nets where you can catch plenty.

When Dan is done (and you've seen him numerous times throughout Info-SUMMIT 2016 - even said hello at lunch one day), your head is reeling. And Dan is just the beginning.
Your Manic Scribbling Was Worth It

Ari Galper

You could've stopped at Dan and been pretty darn happy. That is until Ari Galper, The World's #1 Authority On Trust-Based Selling and author of Trusted Authority and Unlock the Game takes the stage.

You just got a lot happier.

And Ari is about to rock your world. Later, back in your room, you open your notes and are shocked by page after page of manic scribbling. You hardly remember writing that much, but the stuff you got. oh man, it's good.

Ari smashed your long-held belief that selling was a game of persuasion and showed you how differentiation is where it's at now (and exactly how to positon yourself so competition is someone else's problem). He showed you why the age old strategy of by-referral-only is doomed and what you need to be doing instead (you underlined this three times).

When Ari got to the strategies behind transforming yourself into a trusted authority, at first you thought he was talking about someone else. But, by the third step, you knew he was talking about you. Oh, man.
Don't stop, there isn't time to come up for air.

Between sessions you're too pumped to sit for long. You roll from one conversation to another, a bit shocked at how willing other attendees are sharing their own best strategies, insights and even epic failures. Before you know it, you've set up lunch with three new "mentors" and even a joint venture discussion over dinner. Wow. All unscripted and couldn't be more perfect.

And, you've got several more pages of unreal notes to look over.
Is This Guy Really Saying Do LESS?

Robert Skrob

You weren't really sure who Robert Skrob was. The fact that he's recognized as one of the best member retention specialists in the world sounded interesting. Grabbing a coveted front row seat made it all the better. But, you were still a bit worried this session wouldn't be "your thing" because you really didn't have true members in your business. That worry disappeared quickly.

Robert wasted no time showing you why it didn't matter if you had members, subscribers, frequent buyers, or opt-in lists - retention was the name of the game. He made you do a double-take when he flat out said you must deliver LESS to keep members longer (and exactly what they want to stay with you).

Yes, LESS.

Then he goes on to share some unbelievable strategies that deliver value to your members, lists. with little to no time on your part, but can keep members locked in place for years on end. By the time he got to the real case studies (five of them), you had so many ideas for your little venture, you almost drooled on your note pad (fear not, no one saw it).

When do you sleep? Who has time? Only three days - why so short? You're feeling like a toy boat in a swift river - lovin' the ride, but no way to stop. Oh, and there's a waterfall ahead..
Put Down the Donut and Step Away

Craig Ballantyne

When Craig Ballantyne bounced onto the main stage, you quickly realized the donut sitting in front of you wasn't the best choice, and you make a sly move to hide it under your napkin (nice). At first glance, he appeared to be some mild-mannered computer geek with dark square glasses. But you soon discover there's a firestorm just below the surface.

Craig is a marketing and networking dynamo and author of "The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own and Control Your Life." He's also a productivity and success transformation coach, and the guy behind numerous super successful information and training products (like the popular Turbulence Training Program).

You sat mesmerized while Craig showed you how he took a passion (fitness) and turned it into a money-churning info-product (and not once, but over and over). His 5 Pillars of Transformation set the foundation for a new idea you'd been kicking around in your head. By the time Craig was done, your idea was already starting to take shape (and you hadn't even left the room yet).

And Sarah, sitting next to you, was almost springing out of her seat. During a prior break she confessed to you that her blog, the one she'd worked hard on for several years, was slowly dying. Craig's insights on how he started and built his information website EarlytoRise.com into a powerhouse was almost too much for Sarah to handle. She wanted to call her assistant that very second with a pretty impressive task list, but she waited.

Talk about the edge. Craig just threw you both right over.
They Carried Him Out On a Golden Litter to the Sound of Trumpets?

Clayton Makepeace

When it came to the session with Clayton Makepeace, you got there early. So early in fact, it was just you and the sound guy. But you wanted to be close to a legend, and front row, center was the place to be. You expected him to be carried out on stage atop a litter made from small, golden pens by a handful of copy cubs to the sound of distant trumpets. But he just strolled out like you or me, no big thing.

We can understand why you'd think that. Since 1971, Clayton has built a reputation as one of America's premier marketing consultants and copywriters. He's worked with most of the top direct marketing companies in the country, surging sales by tens of millions in most cases. And as a result of his savvy royalty compensation agreements, Mr. Makepeace has earned well over a million a year for more than a decade. Yes, this stuff works really well.

Clayton just started right in, opening a literal floodgate of cutting edge copy insights that other folks pay staggering sums to have written for them. And here you are, getting the blueprint to some killer ad copy. Better yet, he's telling you about stuff he's doing right stinking now. Not five years ago. You just know you can walk out those doors, twist the copy a bit for your business, and be the envy of all your peers.

By the time you got done shorthanding your notes on video sales letters (highlighted to start like yesterday), on ways to close a sale with almost robot-like consistency, or the copy critique that knocked your socks off, you were about out of paper.

Good time for a break. And some oxygen.
Flailing Entrepreneurs Make Bad Company

It's pretty clear the GKIC Info-SUMMIT 2016 is all about the practical, actionable strategies and tactics that can make you money right now. If you've been to a SUMMIT before, you know attendees often crawl out the door after three days, mentally exhausted but with a look in their eyes that says "now it's my turn."

But, if you've never been to a SUMMIT before, we'd first have to ask WHY?

Maybe you didn't know about it. OK, you're forgiven. Open your eyes more, pay attention, and get there.
Maybe you couldn't afford it? Hmmm, if you believe in you, you're worth the investment - period. Just do something and you'll get your money back tenfold. And if you're just not sure, check out the guarantee.
Maybe you've been to other events before and they didn't help. You've got books and CD's and binders covering your shelves and you're still only thinking about launching the Ford Mustang Restoration Info-Marketing site (been thinking 'bout that for the past 27 months now). Perhaps it's not the speakers you need to hear, it's the everyday folks talking in the lobby between sessions. They are just like you and are doing what you want to do. Hearing their stories might be the spark you need (and who knows, maybe that guy sitting on the sofa with the classic car buyers service is your perfect joint venture partner - go talk to him. Name's Jim.).

And once we know why, we have to ask. WHEN? If not now, when?

Tomorrow? - In the world of info-marketing, things happen fast. They change. What worked yesterday might be a money sucking black-hole today. Tomorrows turn into nevers really easily.
Next Month? - You're doing pretty darn good this month. Things are popping. But, will your doing great be the victim of your doing good? There are no glass ceilings. Don't live like there is.
Next Year? - Treading, kicking, panicking trying to keep your head above water. No time for this stuff. just breathe. Truth is, nothing will get you back on solid ground faster than the edge. If you're drowning, maybe your product is just like everyone else's. Keep it that way, and sorry, you're going under. But swim away from the other flailing entrepreneurs around you and you've got a real chance to make bad turn good. The GKIC Info-SUMMIT 2016 is where you swim to.

Now, the crystal ballish glimpse of your future Info-SUMMIT journey really didn't reveal the whole enchilada.

It was edited for TV, so to speak. And quite frankly, we're not sure if you can handle much more heart-racing excitement without doctor's approval. But you can dig deeper and learn more about who's going to help you get comfortable on the profit launching edge by going to www.info-summit.com. Check it out.

And now, you need to be decisive.

That looks like "YES, I want to rock-my-world" or "NO, I like marketing purgatory. I'll just stay here."

"Maybe" is for the entrepreneurial herd trapped in the middle. The rock-my-world crowd (yes, that's you) is rushing to click here to register for Info-SUMMIT now!

See you in San Antonio!

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